We'll look after you...

Losing a loved one is always hard, but even more so if it takes place away from home. To the pain of the loss should be added the confusion and doubt that families undergo when confronted with the repatriation process. What can we do? Where do we start?  Who can help us?

For more than 25 years in Funecat, we have answered these questions.

The death of a person outside their home country often means considerable upheaval for the families affected, dealing with the complex procedures involved in the return home. Funecat performs an essential task for all families who find themselves in this situation. As specialists in repatriation services, we place ourselves at your disposal to help you manage the return home of your family member.

Our work takes place in several fields. On the one hand, the practical management of the transfer and on the other, personalised attention to families. We offer an honest, dignified and respectful approach focussed on helping you throughout the complex repatriation process.

Our customers are people who request our services at a very critical time and who need to feel that, beyond the professional management of a transfer, they are dealing with people who help them in the way they expect and need. In Funecat the word “professionalism” does not mean distance and coldness, but proximity and humanity in the way we relate to our clients, and efficiency when it comes to addressing their needs.

As a company we are committed and faithful to our values, and we aim to show that every day.