Who We Are

Funecat is a company specialising in repatriation services. We offer our customers the possibility of entrusting all transfer procedures to a single company, from the moment of death until arrival at the airport nearest to the place of destination.We provide active support throughout the process, with a strong human touch that brings us closer to the specific needs of each person.

In Funecat we are heirs to the tradition of excellent funeral business practice in Catalonia.  Our team consists of experts in every matter affecting the management of repatriation services, people who make our customers’ needs their own.

Funecat was born in 1991 as a result of the new strategic approach to funeral companies in Catalonia. The need to offer an integrated service to its clients and to adapt to the international market, where the professional profile of the specialist in Funeral Assistance and Transportation had been consolidated over many years, resulted in the creation of a company bringing together the efforts of more than 34 businesses in the sector. We are the professional choice, assisting our customers in the complex management required of a repatriation service. Our task is to arrange an effective transfer and offer our customers specialised advice unique in the sector.

Today we are an established organisation with international recognition, as members of the FIAT-IFTA International Federation.